United Nations News Updates

First Person: The entrepreneur helping Middle Eastern women enter the digital economy

1/5/22, 11:48 AM

Mona Ataya, a Palestinian-Lebanese entrepreneur based in the United Arab Emirates, runs the largest online marketplace for mothers in the Middle East. In recognition of her achievements, she has been chosen as one of the six eTrade for Women Advocates for 2021-2022, by the UN trade agency, UNCTAD.


Escalation in Yemen ‘worst in years’ – UN top envoy

12/29/21, 2:32 PM

The Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Yemen, Hans Grundberg, said on Tuesday that a recent military escalation in the country is “among the worst” in years and increasingly putting civilians in crosshairs.


Myanmar: Attack leaves 35 dead, including 4 children

12/29/21, 10:24 AM

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) condemned on Tuesday the reported killing of at least 35 people, including four children and two humanitarian workers, in the Kayah state, in Myanmar.


Infectious diseases present ‘clear and present danger’ everywhere

12/27/21, 10:46 AM

COVID-19 continues to demonstrate how quickly “an infectious disease can sweep across the world”, pushing health systems to the brink and upending daily life for all of humanity, the UN chief said on Monday, marking the International Day of Epidemic Preparedness.


Experts call for the immediate release of Kashmiri human rights defender

12/24/21, 3:59 AM

Authorities in India must stop targeting prominent Kashmiri activist Khurram Parvez, a group of independent UN human rights experts said on Wednesday while calling for his immediate release from detention.


UN humanitarians aid Philippines response to Super Typhoon Rai

12/21/21, 8:44 AM

Reports of “utter devastation” caused by Super Typhoon Rai have continued to come in from the Philippines, where the UN is helping respond to urgent needs.


Fundamental freedoms squeezed in Ukraine, Human Rights Council hears

12/20/21, 7:34 AM

The UN Human Rights Council heard on Wednesday that fundamental freedoms in Ukraine have been squeezed in Government-controlled areas, as well as across the contact line in eastern territories, held by mainly pro-Russian separatists.


Afghanistan economy is in ‘freefall’, threatening to take the entire population with it

12/20/21, 6:44 AM

Afghanistan’s economy is in “free fall”, the UN Emergency Relief Coordinator told a special meeting on Sunday, warning that if decisive and compassionate action is not taken immediately, it may “pull the entire population with it”.


COVID-19 leads to over 50 million more hungry people in Asia-Pacific

12/18/21, 5:15 PM

COVID-19 led to rising food insecurity for around 54 million people living in the vast Asia-Pacific region during 2020, according to a joint UN agency report published on Wednesday.


COVID-19 cases and deaths in the Americas triple in 2021

12/16/21, 4:06 AM

Compared to the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 was “undoubtedly worse” for the Americas, where infections and deaths tripled, the top UN health official there reported on Wednesday.


It’s not enough to be non-racist, we need to be anti-racist

12/13/21, 11:33 AM

“Humiliating and degrading,” is how activist Zulaikha Patel describes some of the racist experiences she and fellow students of colour endured at Pretoria High School for Girls in South Africa.


‘Bodyright’ campaign launched, to end rise in gender-based violence online

12/10/21, 7:20 AM

Corporate logos and Intellectual Property (IP) receive “greater protection online than we do as human beings”, the UN’s women’s health agency that works to end gender-based violence, UNFPA, said on Thursday, launching a new body right campaign to help shield bodies and minds from cyber violence.


With 280 prisoners dead in Ecuador, UN experts call for urgent action

12/6/21, 4:20 PM

Following a series of riots that have left more than 280 inmates dead and hundreds injured in Ecuadorian prisons this year, UN independent human rights experts on Monday called for urgent government action to address the issue.


Violence against women must stop; five stories of strength and survival

12/2/21, 5:53 PM

Conflicts, humanitarian crises and increasing climate-related disasters have led to higher levels of violence against women and girls (VAWG), which has only intensified during the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing into sharp focus the urgent need to stem the scourge.


Women and girls at high risk of being pushed into modern slavery

12/2/21, 5:11 PM

Women and children are at high risk of being pushed into contemporary forms of slavery, UN-appointed independent rights experts said on Wednesday.  


Afghanistan: UN chief condemns ‘horrific’ attack at Kunduz mosque

10/11/21, 5:46 PM

At least 100 worshippers have been killed or injured after a suicide bomber targeted a Shia mosque, in the northern Afghan city of Kunduz, according to news reports, during Friday prayers.


Girlpower from Tajikistan to Costa Rica helps narrow the gender gap online

10/11/21, 10:41 AM

A marked global gender gap in terms of internet use continues to grow, but from Syria to Costa Rica, girls are increasingly pushing back to try and narrow the gap.


BTS and UNICEF celebrate 4 years of the 'Love Myself' campaign to promote child self-esteem

10/6/21, 4:10 AM

Since 2017, a campaign by South Korean superstars BTS, and the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has reached almost every country in the world with a positive message of self-love and self-care, gathering more than 50 million interactions from Twitter users.


The UN at Dubai Expo: Things you should know

10/5/21, 6:53 AM

The delayed 2020 Dubai Expo, the first to be held in the Middle East, officially opened. The United Nations will hold events and exhibits at a dedicated “UN Hub”, explaining the Organization’s central role in addressing the world’s problems. Here are some things to look out for during this six-month-long “mega-event”.


International Day of Non-Violence, 2 October

10/2/21, 5:54 AM

Say No to Violence