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China's BYD ceases to produce gasoline-powered vehicles

Xinhuwa, Editor: Huaxia

4/4/22, 7:00 AM

China's BYD ceases to produce gasoline-powered vehicles

BYD Cars, Credit- Twitter BYDCompany

Chinese auto manufacturer BYD announced Sunday that it has already ceased the production of traditional gasoline-powered vehicles starting from March.

In the future, BYD's auto business will focus on pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, said the Chinese leading new-energy vehicle manufacturer.

BYD also said that it will continue to offer existing customers of traditional gasoline-powered vehicles improved service and after-sales support, as well as the supply of spare parts throughout the life cycle.

The latest data shows that in March, BYD sold 104,338 passenger cars, including 50,674 plug-in hybrid models and 53,664 pure electric models, and no traditional gasoline-powered models were sold.

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