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Performance-oriented all-new ŠKODA SLAVIA 1.5 TSI Launched creates a segment of its own

Skoda Auto

3/27/22, 10:42 AM

Performance-oriented all-new ŠKODA SLAVIA 1.5 TSI Launched creates a segment of its own

Skoda Slavia, Credit- Twitter[TeamBHPforum]

All new ŠKODA SLAVIA 1.5 TSI starts at ₹ 16.19 lacs

ŠKODA AUTO India launched the niche, high-performance all-new SLAVIA 1.5 TSI sedan. The SLAVIA 1.5 TSI offers path-breaking performance, technology, driver engagement and is high on value. Offered in one, top-line premium variant with an option of two transmissions, the SLAVIA 1.5 TSI starts at ₹16.19 lacs.

Zac Hollis, Brand Director, ŠKODA AUTO India, said,“Close on the heels of the launch of the SLAVIA 1.0 TSI, we are elated to launch the all-new SLAVIA 1.5 TSI. This premium mid-size sedan is a completely different offering, with technology, capabilities and performance levels that are way above its segment. On offer are several firsts in its category, which will appeal to an audience that loves taking the wheel. The SLAVIA 1.5 TSI follows in the spirit and legacy of high-performance ŠKODAs from the past and is the reason we have retained the option of a manual gearbox, along with the DSG automatic. We are confident our customers will experience and appreciate the distinction from the 1.0 TSI and enjoy the tangible and intangible embellishments that the 1.5 TSI offers.”

The all-new SLAVIA 1.5 TSI is powered by an advanced 1.5-litre EVO-generation, four-cylinder turbo petrol engine making 110 kW (150 Ps)of power and 250 Nm of torque. Numerous innovative technological advancements in the SLAVIA 1.5 TSI’s powerplant enable very low fuel consumption of up to18.72 km/l. The turbocharger features variable vane geometry, which produces more torque at a wider range of engine speeds. The cylinder liners are plasma-coated with a layer that measures just 0.15 mm, replacing cast-iron liners in the cylinder crankcase. This reduces internal friction, which lowers fuel consumption and emissions. Through better distribution and dissipation of heat in the combustion chamber, it also lowers the thermal load on the engine. The segment-first Active Cylinder Technology (ACT) in the SLAVIA 1.5 TSI’s engine automatically shuts down two cylinders under a low load, further reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Despite technology that reduces consumption and emissions, the 1.5 TSI can accelerate to 100 km/h in 8.8 seconds.

Price Summary:

SLAVIA 1.5 L TSI        MT               DSG

Style                        16,19,000      17,79,000

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